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Property & Business

The team at D'Angelo Legal strive to provide outstanding and easy service to the buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property and businesses.

Whether you are buying an existing house, unit, apartment, vacant land, commercial property, factory, shop or retail premise or a business, D'Angelo Legal can facilitate your settlement for you, making the process as easy and hassle free as possible.

 D'Angelo Legal is also competitively priced in comparison with most settlement agents.



What happens as part of a settlement? 

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, D’Angelo Legal will manage your settlement by:

  • Reviewing your contract to ensure you are aware of the basic terms, conditions, legal requirements and time frames of the contract;
  • Searching the title at Landgate, the WA Government land authority to confirm the property details and identify any encumbrances registered over the land;
  • Making enquiries with the government authorities about rates, taxes and water consumption so that payment for that year is adjusted;
  • Making sure that any special conditions relating to the contract are met to your satisfaction;
  • Preparing and arranging all documentation for you to sign, including the Transfer of Land document, and arranging for Duty to be paid on the Contract of Sale and the Transfer at the Office of State Revenue;
  • Liaising with your bank or other financial institution to help them with the preparation of the mortgage or discharge of mortgage documentation;
  • Arranging the time and day for settlement with all parties;
  • Attending settlement and handing over the relevant documentation and monies; and
  • Monitor the dealing at Landgate to ensure that the transaction is correctly registered and transferred into the correct names.

 Why use D’Angelo Legal?

Aside from receiving high quality, great value service throughout your settlement, did you know that there are restrictions on what services settlement agents are able to provide?

As a legal practice, D’Angelo Legal is not subject to the same restrictions. Our team can draft non-standard contracts of sale, mortgages and default notices, as well a range of other documents that cannot be prepared by a settlement agent.

This means that, whether your settlement is standard residential, or a more complicated matter, we can process your transaction and prepare any documents that may be required.

We also offer the benefit of your settlement being supervised by a qualified legal practitioner. This should offer you peace of mind, in the unlikely event that something should go wrong in the course of your matter.

In the unfortunate situation that a problem arises, through no fault of your own, the supervising solicitor is aware of the matter in detail and should legal advice be required, this advice is often complimentary as part of the settlement fee.

Even better, we are often able to stop or prevent problems from occurring at all by identifying potential problems before they become problems. This can result in cost and time savings, not to mention peace of mind.

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