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A Will is a legal document which allows you (amongst other things) to choose who receives your belongings and assets after you die. It is also used to appoint a guardian to look after your children until they attain legal age to look after themselves.

Having a valid and up to date Will customised to suit your own specific needs will on your death ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. D’Angelo Legal can safeguard your interests by;

  • ensuring that there is compliance with all the legal requirements of making a Will;
  • ensuring that beneficiaries are adequately provided for (subject to your instructions);
  • ensuring that your wishes are clearly expressed in your Will and  that your Will suits your particular situation and circumstances;
  • advising on whether your current or old Will should be changed to reflect new circumstances;
  • advising in which circumstances your Will might be contested and how to best prepare your will in the likely event of such circumstances;
  • advising on how to deal with your business or businesses, including associated family trusts, partnerships and company (or companies) that you have shareholdings in; and
  • whilst all of our basic wills have a simple testamentary trust  we can advise you on whether or not your financial circumstances require a more detailed testamentary trust and the costs involved for the same. This advice is provided to you at our initial meeting at no additional charge and with no obligation to proceed on our recommended advice. We can discuss with you the benefits or having a more detailed testamentary trust, for example, providing for future generations via a trust.

Choosing D’Angelo Legal to prepare your Will, can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be provided for when you are gone and that you have left valid legal directions on how your estate is to be divided.


All of our Will clients see us for about a 1 hour consultation at our offices regarding their Wills and estate affairs. During this time we provide you with advice and explain what’s involved in the Will process and what to do with your Will afterwards. Everything is confirmed with a letter to you within a few days after the meeting confirming our instructions and advice. This allows you sufficient time to provide us with any information requested or change our instructions if need be based on our advice.

Once you are happy with the contents of what goes into the Will the Will is drafted. We then go through the final Will with you and sign the Will at our offices.

After this is done, we provide you with our final letter of advice regarding what’s involved after signing a Will and what you should and should not do (ie what invalidates a Will and when it should be changed).  This process can go as quickly or as slowly as you like.

All of our ‘simple’ Wills have simple testamentary trusts, dispute resolution clauses (if needed) and other important information to ensure your Wills are suitable to your needs and instructions.

All our Wills and Enduing Powers of Attorney’s (we will discuss this in the initial meeting) are ring bound and returned to you immediately after signing with a copy of the same as well. Further you are welcome to call us at any time to discuss anything regarding our advice during this process, usually at no additional charge prior to signing the Will.

The cost for BOTH the simple (Mutual) Wills is usually fixed at $495 +GST. Additional fees apply to Powers of Attorney or more detailed Wills including Testamentary Trust Wills. If you require more detailed testamentary trusts we can explore this option during our initial meeting and provide you with cost estimates then.

Please feel free to contact us today should you wish to make an appointment or discuss this process further.