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D'Angelo Legal are a renowned firm in Perth providing a broad spectrum of legal services to client's all throughout the State of Western Australia. Our legal team are not only able to offer practical advice in relation to any separation issues, but in addition, we can also provide advice surrounding business structures and the implications of Divorce. We are able to deal in house with any Conveyancing matters arising from a separation and we also offer an excellent Will writing service to our clients.

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be a difficult and trying time and our team are here to help you navigate your way through your challenges.

Our approach is to offer a caring and bespoke service to you with your well being in mind at all times. We offer practical, expert advice and guidance tailored to your circumstances and what you wish to achieve.

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D'Angelo Legal is a well-established Incorporated Legal Practice in West Perth and prides itself on our three core values which have guided us in establishing a successful firm. These values are based on Integrity, Efficiency and Approachability.

  • Integrity is demonstrated each time the team interacts with clients and other stakeholders. Our growth has been built upon our honest and transparent relationships with our clients who trust us to do right by them.
  • Efficiency is demonstrated by incorporating the use of leading technology to ensure clients are able to communicate with us easily in a variety of ways. This also allows us to achieve results for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Approachability, we aim to ensure our clients feel comfortable at any time to provide us with feedback. It is essential for the firm that we are able to maintain honest and effective communication with everyone we interact with.



During our initial meeting with you, we will find out more about you and your circumstances, what outcome you are looking to achieve and provide you with guidance of how best to proceed. During this meeting, we should be able to give you an idea of what the likely costs will be to assist with your matter.

If you decide to instruct D'Angelo Legal, we will confirm to you, in a written retainer letter, our estimated fees and solicitor charge out rates. If, for any reason, our original estimate needs to be amended, we will let you know in advance and obtain your consent before doing any additional work.

Ordinarily, D'Angelo Legal will send you an itemised bill on a monthly basis so that you are aware of what your costs are as your case progresses.

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Our team will do all it can to reduce the worry and stress of dealing with your separation.
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